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Heli School

I am excited to offer a heli flight school to students that are beginner to advanced.

My classes can include setup, orientation training, set maneuvers and 3D freestyle flying.

The classes are given on a buddy box setup. 

I have been successfully teaching group and one on one classes for two years now and would like to open up the offering to do my classes before helicopter events/fun flys, at your local field or at my home field in Long Island, NY. 

My one on one rate is $50 per hour of instruction. Individuals generally take a 3hr class and groups of 4 do all day sessions. Travel is an additional cost depending on the requirements.

I really enjoy helping pilots get to "The next level". It is important, that ALL your equipment and buddy box setups are working properly and safely prior to the class to maximize everyone's flight time.

You can contact me and inquire about training by clicking here. Thank you for your interest! I look forward  to working with you soon!


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